Hello fabulous! My name Catherine and I am a freelance writer and photographer currently studying a Bachelor of Psychology in Melbourne. I started the blog in 2013 with a vision to inspire others and share my life's stories with those I cherish around me. Cathtivated is a Christian slash life & photography blog where I update everything I found inspiring and strengthening, both in my devotional studies and my courageous walk of faith with Jesus. I pray that through my experiences, that you too, will live a wonderful and blessed walk with Christ, our mighty saviour. Hope your time here has been inspiring ♥

(And...some people have asked for this section. I don't usually do this, but hey why not?)

♥ My early years: I am born on the 24th May 1994 in the busy capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. I have two elder sisters, an upright, diligent dad and a very beautiful mum. For some reason, I was a total tomboy back then, totally direct, abstract, black and white...and that sort of a very boring personality for me. I used to be really slow in everything (but I am still kind of slow now too). 

The move to Australia: When I was 11, my dad brought me to Melbourne. At first everything looked so foreign to me. Unlike my sisters who were schooled in Singapore till high school, I was strictly an Indo student. I spoke more Chinese than English (wow...because I'm completely Chinese-illiterate now) and I found the Australian accent very difficult to understand. Because I was rather quiet, I tend to read and write lots of English instead of speaking them out loud. We have always talked in Indonesian at home so there was literally no chance of me practicing English verbally besides primary school. Although primary school in Melbourne was super easy for me back then, adjusting to the local lifestyle was troublesome. Different ways to socialize. Different type of jokes. Just a totally different atmosphere. I remember being freaked out at the sight of a playground and children like me doing cartwheels on the ground  whilst wearing skirts. I was a pretty hard-core Indo back then. Not so much now. I'm alright with doing a cartwheel in public...right?

My current hobbies: Classical piano & instrumental composition . Reading . Talking, blogging, sharing info. online and the sorts . Fashion (especially styling) . Portrait and close-up photography . Eating (who doesn't like this one...) . Hair and beauty sessions (rare, but unforgettably indulgent~)

Favourite composers / artists: Big fan of Mr. Chopin and the genius prodigy Mozart. Bach. Mendelssohn (Songs Without Words) . Debussy . Ravel . Beethoven . Contemporary wise, I absolutely love Hillsong . Bethel . Laura Woodley. Adele . Beyonce . The Script . Leona Lewis . 

Just a general shout out: I believe God has changed, molded and redirected my life extensively since I arrived in Melbourne. I would like to thank Him in giving me countless opportunities to let my faith grow, via. new communities, new friends, new perspectives to life, new hobbies. I hope this blog can be a channel of my gratitude to you as well :)



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